These are some of the most frequent questions we receive.  Feel free to call us if your question isn’t here.

Q:  Do you buy furs?

A:  We do not buy used furs however we may be able to help you sell it.  Please call or bring the coat in.

Q:  What does “appraised value” mean?

A:  Typically, “appraised value” is for insurance purposes and is the cost to replace the garment with a new garment of the same size, style and type of fur.  It is not the amount you should expect to receive if you sell it.

Q:  Why do I need to store my fur?

A:  Furs need special treatment, especially in Oklahoma.  Our extreme summer heat and humidity is not good for them.  It causes them to dry out and age prematurely.  Even though your house may be air conditioned, your closets probably aren’t.  Our state-of-the-art cold storage vault is maintained at the perfect temperature and humidity for your furs.

Q:  How often should I clean my fur?

A:  We recommend a special cleaning/conditioning every year, even if you don’t wear it.  Our conditioning process restores the natural oils to the fur and the leather.  This allows you to enjoy your beautiful furs for years.

Q:  Is it OK to put my fur in a cedar chest or closet?

A:  No!  Cedar is not good for furs.  While it does keep moths away, the cedar odor permeates the fur and leather, leaving your coat smelling like cedar.  Plus, your coat should be in cold storage in the off season.

Q:  What about moth balls?

A:  Moth balls are worse than cedar.  The smell never comes out and the chemicals can cause the fur to dry out and lose it’s luster.

These are just some of the most common questions we receive.  Please contact us if you have other questions.  We’re happy to talk with you!